Our Mission

Our Story

was started by a couple who struggled with, well, sleeping together. 

He snored too much and she was always hot. She was sensitive to noise (even white noise) and he couldn't sleep if the room wasn't pitch black. Sound familiar? 

Whether you or your partner struggle with sleep, sleepyhead.me is here to help. With a growing list of sleep aids at affordable prices, we want to help you find what you need for a peaceful slumber. 

We believe that the world seen through well-rested eyes is a better place and that a good night's sleep has the power to soothe, energize and heal. 

Sleepyhead.me is based in Toronto, Canada and caters to both the US and Canada. Our curated list of products is constantly evolving as we're in relentless pursuit of the best sleep possible. If you have any suggestions or have stumbled across something that has worked well for you, we'd love to hear about it! 

Contact Information:

Email: hi@sleephead.me
Sleep Well Co. 
399 Adelaide Street, Suite 202 
Toronto ON Canada, M5V 1S1